December, '14
(Part 1)

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Wesley tries to close away the fire.  (12/3/14)

Happy siblings.  (12/3/14)

Elaine wanted to ask Santa whether he preferred milk or eggnog with his cookies on Christmas Eve.  But she forgot.  (12/4/14)

Wesley declined to visit Santa Claus.  (12/4/14)

Elaine tells people about deinonychus at the school dinosaur fair.  (12/5/14)

"Deinonychus means terrible claw!"  (12/5/14)

Counting down to Christmas.  (12/10/14)

Methodically removing ornaments from the tree.  (12/10/14)

Late nights while Daddy's away.  (12/10/14)

Hanging out with Daddy after he gets home.  (12/17/14)

Stacking the curling ribbon.  (12/18/14)

Checking the tags.  (12/18/14)

A black-hatted bandit.  (12/19/14)

The bandit steals my otter.  (12/19/14)

If you want your otters back, you have to start the videos.  (12/19/14)

Wesley discovers a colorful, stringy thing.  (12/19/14)

Whatever it is, he loves it.  (12/19/14)

Elaine spent the morning making and wrapping Christmas presents for her dad and me.  (12/20/14)

Such as this lovely drawing of our family as unicorns.  (12/20/14)

Two Santas.(12/20/14)

Watching the video Auntie M. just filmed of Elaine, performing under the name Amazing Dazzle Cat.  (12/20/14)

Wesley tries on Devin's shoes.  (12/20/14)

Caroling and dancing.  (12/21/14)

Why is this adult playing my pink piano?  (12/21/14)

Kids and s'mores.  (12/21/14)

The caroling has ended, but the dancing never will.  (12/21/14)

Biding time on the long days without school.  (12/22/14)

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