January, '15

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Amazing orange jellies.  (1/1/15)

Deep blue amazement.  (1/1/15)

Cousins watching puffins.  (1/1/15)

Whispering about the flying whales in Fantasia 2000.  (1/1/15)

"I'm from the deep blue underworld. Land or sea, the world's my oyster; I'm the pearl."  (1/1/15)

Cute.  (1/6/15)

Cardboard curls.  (1/6/15)

Mad hatter, computer hacker.  (1/10/15)

Wild baby!  (1/11/15)

Sky all around.  (1/11/15)

The two Ws.  (1/23/15)

The clock dance.  (1/24/15)

What's this?  A sunny day?  Time for a bike ride!  (1/24/15)

June weather in January.  (1/24/15)

Piggy back ride.  (1/25/15)

Reading to Wesley would be so much easier if he didn't insist on stealing the book.  (1/25/15)

This is the wrapper for a candy that Elaine invented.  (11/21/14)

She finally convinced us to help her make them -- first, we distributed jelly beans and chopped up marshmallow...  (1/26/15)

Then we spooned melted chocolate in and waited for them to cool.  They tasted like Easter.   (1/26/15)

Sharing his water with a thirsty turtle.  (1/28/15)

Lounging about after stealing the remotes and switching videos approximately a thousand times.  (1/29/15)

Wesley is five years old.  No... wait...  (1/29/15)

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