February, '15

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Elaine is Princess Rosequartz.  Her imaginary kitten Snowy is Princess Diamond.  This is their Crystal Castle in the stairwell.  (2/2/15)

By counting the tree rings, we can tell that this tree was much older than Wesley.  (2/5/15)

Time to make valentines.  (2/7/15)

Her favorite kind of heart.  (2/7/15)

Wesley is a hermit crab.  The couch is his new shell.  (2/7/15)

We were cordially invited to the wedding of Princess Rosequartz and Prince Gold.  Princess Diamond and Prince Silver were married at the same time.  We were asked to bring a treat and a gift.  They didn't have to be real.  Afterward, we celebrated with cookies, frosting, and sprinkles.  Those were real.  (2/7/15)

This puzzle has many animals in it.  (2/8/15)

When I told Wesley that he had one of the pieces upside down, he gave me a serious look, and then ran off to put his head on the floor.  He understood the idea of upside down -- but not how it related to the puzzle.  (2/8/15)

Inclines are fun.  (2/11/15)

Heights are fun.  (2/11/15)

Sliding down from a great height on a steep incline is fun.  (2/11/15)

A fox burrowing by her den.  (2/13/15)

Three foxes.  (2/13/15)

2:30am, as she is played.  (2/13/15)

A Valentine's Day walk by the river.  (2/14/15)

Making cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day.  (2/14/15)

Carefully selecting the right candy hearts...  (2/15/15)

...TO CONSUME!  (2/15/16)

This game involves identifying different animals...  (2/15/16)

...and then trapping them in little boxes and maybe letting them out again.  Wesley is pretty good at it.  At least, the part where he traps them.  (2/15/16)

Elaine made a garden for her Quiet Critter, a puffball with eyes named Berry Fluff.  (2/21/15)

She's particularly proud of the cherry tree.  As well she should be.  (2/21/15)

A funny little super hero and his sidekick.  (2/23/15)

With his shiny cape and golden goggles, he is Chipmunk Man!  (2/23/15)

"The golden ones grant wishes.  The daisy makes sparkles."  (2/24/15)

And when they were good, they were very, very good.  (2/26/15)

Very, very good.  (2/26/15)

Wesley reads his favorite book.  (2/27/15)

He likes reading by himself best.  (2/27/15)

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