March, '15

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"The piano is ticklish! When I tickle it, it laughs by making music!"  (3/2/15)

Elaine can play Yankee Doodle Dandy.  Wesley can mash the keys.  (3/2/15)

Bicycle girl.  (3/7/15)

Chasing Daddy.  (3/7/15)

Time for coloring.  (3/8/15)

Considering the options while playing Apples to Apples.  (3/8/15)

Elaine concluded that a hummingbird is more saintly than a lollipop, and her high school prom will be more colorful than oranges.   (3/8/15)

Bedtime with the big penguin and a book about a brown bear.  (3/9/15)

The fairies in Elaine's favorite tree crowned her as their queen, and the tree is her castle.  (3/10/15)

He's out of the house, and he's wearing goggles.  (3/11/15)

We walked down the block to a nearby church.  (3/12/15)

Elaine danced and told me about an arctic wolf named Pansy with amethyst claw-caps, an aquamarine crown, and a white silk cloak.  Wesley climbed up and down the stairs.  (3/12/15)

Then he refused to walk home and made me carry him.  (3/12/15)

Resting together.  (3/13/15)

Wesley is stunned by the bounty of pies in celebration of Pi Day.  (3/14/15)

Princess Island and Fairy Island are connected by a hidden passage.  (3/15/15)

Wesley wants to trample all the flowers on Princess Island and Fairy Island.  (3/15/15)

According to his big sister, "The most important rule of tree climbing is "have fun." If you're not having fun, get out of that tree! Unless there's a unicorn stuck at the top. Then you have to help that unicorn, even if it isn't fun."  (3/15/15)

Weslicorn.  (3/15/15)

Elaine's Foxworld name is Pink Rose.  Wesley's is Dandelion Bear.  Daniel's is California Poppy.  Mine is Green Otter.(3/22/15)

Elaine shows off the kitten, Sparksy, whom she found on Kitten Planet --a place filled with rainbows.  Next, we flew to Puppy Planet -- where there are stars to jump on -- and found a puppy named Rainlight.  (3/23/15)

"Tree are not trampolines."  (3/24/15)

Ready for a long drive.  (3/26/15)

Delirious with toys at Great Aunt Dianne's house.  (3/26/15)

Trampolines are trampolines.  (3/27/15)

Sam, Ben, and Jacob sound the Baby Alert.  It sounds like, "Baby Alert!  Baby Alert!"  (3/27/15)

Paying his respects to Baby John, the birthday boy.  (3/27/15)

Hiding out inside a tire swing, planning his escape under the fence.  Yes, he fit under the fence.  (3/27/15)

Double swing with Ben.  (3/27/15)

Teeter totter with help.  (3/27/15)

My two kids.  (3/27/15)

The Carousel of Dreams.  (3/28/15)

I think they're playing tag.  Or maybe it's a caucus race.  (3/28/15)

Car chase.  (3/28/15)

This ball is very good at bouncing.  Wesley gives it a round of applause.  (3/28/15)

Parlor games.  (3/28/15)

Basket.  (3/28/15)

Windswept at the base of Horsetail Falls.  (3/29/15)

Wesley made it halfway up the steep hike to the upper falls before he needed some help.  (3/29/15)

Spectacular.  (3/29/15)

Elaine thinks Unicorn Curl Falls would be a good name for a waterfall.  (3/29/15)

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