April, '15

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Elaine spent the morning drawing.  Then she put on her otter ears and tail, called herself Princess Sea Kelp, and declared that all the lovely drawings must have been made by a very fine artist.  Princess Sea Kelp used them to decorate her castle.  (4/4/15)

Wesley loved this activity.  He cracked many eggs and splashed much dye.  (4/4/15)

Pondering which eggs are their favorites.  (4/4/15)

More fun activities!  (4/4/15)

Elaine picked eggs for her basket.  Wesley tried to steal them.  (4/4/15)

Elaine tells me about every treasure in every egg in every Easter basket downstairs while I'm still waking up.  (4/5/15)

Wesley slept in late and said "NO!" when asked if he wanted to see what was in his Easter basket.  (4/5/15)

Tyler and Vanessa point out hidden eggs for the little ones.  (4/5/15)

Collecting eggs and wishes.  (4/5/15)

Elaine is really good at finding eggs.  (4/5/15)

Wesley finds a bunch of eggs.  Hidden in Elaine's basket.  (4/5/15)

Grandma made a chocolate bunny cake!!!  (4/5/15)

A dandelion for you!  (4/8/15)

Cake, please.  (4/8/15)

Elaine can slide 3.5 times...  (4/19/15)

...in the time it takes Wesley to slide once.  (4/19/15)

Stopping to smell the irises.  (4/20/15)

Way up high.  (4/20/15)

Spinning.  (4/20/15)

Swinging.  (4/20/15)

Tired and ready to go home.  (4/20/15)

Wesley and Furby play with Legos.  (4/20/15)

Reading Matilda.  (4/26/15)

Elaine can climb really high!  (4/29/15)

Wesley can climb high too -- he just doesn't know how to get down safely without help.  (4/29/15)

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