August, '15

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Twelfth anniversary.  (8/2/15)

"Cheers!  Twelve years!"  (8/2/15)

What kind of tea should we make?  (8/8/15)

Tennis ball tea.  For Trudy.  (8/8/15)

Wesley loves books about animals.  (8/12/15)

What's this?  A bookcase filled with children's books?  (8/13/15)

This page has a bee on it!  Also, a fly!  (8/13/15)

Wesley and Elaine found a sand bakery.  (8/14/15)

A sand pastry.  (8/14/15)

Sand truffles.  (8/14/15)

Wesley holds the ribbons that Wendy and Quinn won at Sheltie Daze.  Wendy won Shortest Dog.  Quinn was only half an inch shorter than the three dogs that tied for Tallest Dog.  Amy was not a Sheltie.  (8/15/15)

Defeating Dr. Zomboss together.  (8/17/15)

Elaine plays the part of ringmaster and introduces the medley of Rodgers & Hammerstein songs that the Triple Threat Camp will be performing.  (8/20/15)

Off to Grandma's for a long weekend!  Some of them are more excited than others...  Some of them are more aware of what's going on.  (8/20/15)

Grandma's house is a magical place.  (8/21/15)

Someone is supposed to be sleeping.  (8/22/15)

Elaine and Wesley played house.  Wesley worked at the bookstore (a book case), and Elaine worked at the cat rescue (a cat tree).  Their children were a plush panda (Dahlia) and frog (Frank) who would not do their homework.  (8/25/15)

Wesley had strong feelings about whether their family should adopt a dog.  So, they adopted a dog (Snow Dasher) and a capybara (Frolic).  Then school was over for the summer, and they all went swimming.  (8/25/15)

Proud to partake of Pearly's pepper plant.  (8/26/15)

Celebrating Grandma Pearl's 90th birthday a few days early.  Wesley would really like to help with those nine candles.  (8/26/15)

Doing card tricks for Uncle Jonathan -- "Is this your card?" she asks, to which he says, "It is now!"  Later, they added in imaginary cards, because Jonathan wanted more cards than Elaine was giving him.  (8/28/15)

Water table fun.  (8/29/15)

Wesley menaces his sister and cousin with a "boon!"  (8/29/15)

Elaine sings along while her dad and uncle play, "Let It Be," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World," "The Times They Are A Changin'," and "Rocky Mountain High."  (8/29/15)

Meanwhile, Wesley is busy.  (8/29/15)

Everyone admires Timothy's train.  (8/31/15)

What's more fun than Grandpa Ralph with an otter puppet?  This may be a trick question.  (8/31/15)

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