September, '15

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Sugar cookies.  (9/1/15)

The batter was very sticky.  (9/1/15)

Burying treasure.  (9/1/15)

Digging for the treasure they just buried.  (9/1/15)

Uncle Andrew does SCIENCE.  (9/1/15)

"Ponies," "pennies," and "bunnies" all sound the same when Wesley says them.  (9/5/15)

"Ponies!  Dance!"  (9/5/15)

"Dance!  Dance!  Dance!"  (9/5/15)

Wesley and Elaine dance at Aunt Molly & Uncle Devin's Chinese wedding feast at Kwan's.  (9/5/15)

The pinkest cake ever -- strawberry angel food.  (9/5/15)

It's hard to eat cake with chopsticks... so... maybe... he'll eat YOU!  (9/5/15)

Ready for her first day of 3rd grade!  (9/9/15)

Wesley is drawing.  Can Elaine draw too?  (9/11/15)

Drawing houses together.  (9/11/15)

Wesley is so delighted by Elaine's house that he insists I draw a house for him too.  (9/11/15)

Practicing for her flower girl duties on the morrow.  (9/12/15)

Last minute preparations.  (9/13/15)

Flower girl walking.                   (9/13/15)                   The wedding party.

While Auntie M and Uncle Devin made promises to each other, drowned out by the roar of the sea, Wesley studied his favorite colors -- blue and yellow.  (9/13/15)

After the ceremony, Wesley ran up to give Elaine a big hug.  Then he helped her pick up all the blue flower petals.  (9/13/15)

Wesley dances along to the new couple's first dance -- "The Way You Look Tonight," sung by Frank Sinatra.  (9/13/15)

"Shall we dance?  On a bright cloud of music, shall we fly?"  (9/13/15)

Uncle and nephew exchange a glance.  (9/13/15)

Everyone dances!  (9/13/15)

My kids look good in blue.  (9/13/15)

Sideways!  (9/15/15)

More sideways.  (9/15/15)

The little monkey can climb anywhere.  (9/17/15)

"Eeeeuw!"  (9/17/15)

Rainbow heart stars.  (9/18/15)

Admiring each other's depictions of frozen yogurt.  (9/18/15)

Drawing a rainbow together.  In Wesley-speak, "rainbow" is pronounced "bubble."  (9/18/15)

Elaine has a lot of songs that she wants to learn how to play on the piano.  Wesley wants to make a lot of noise.  (9/22/15)

Adorable and angelic... until he starts shouting, "No way!  No way!"  (9/25/15)

Lost in a pile of plushies...  (9/25/15)

...while at Grandma's house for the weekend.  (9/25/15)

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