October, '15

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Third grade jog-a-thon.  (10/2/15)

Wesley shows off his favorite toy -- Buzz.  (10/4/15)

Elaine plays Robot Turtle with a panda, cat, and pink leopard.  (10/4/15)

Working together to create great art.  (10/6/15)

You can draw twice as fast with two pens!  (10/6/15)

Carefully putting the pens away.  (10/6/15)

Joint Masterpiece 1.  (10/6/15)

Joint Masterpiece 2.  (10/6/15)

A giant pumpkin looms menacingly over the little cat threatening to steal a baby pumpkin.  (10/17/15)

The mid-sized pumpkins are less dangerous.  (10/17/15)

Peace is negotiated with the pumpkins.  (10/17/15)

An envoy of pumpkins follows us home.  (10/17/15)

Completely absorbed.  (10/18/15)

"Blue!  Yellow!"  Wesley got to pick the color of the buttons and yarn for his new doll.  (10/21/15)

Thistledown Farms.  (10/21/15)

Hilarity.  (10/21/15)

True love.  (10/21/15)

Wesley charges in.  (10/21/15)

Elaine leads the way.  (10/21/15)

Will the delights never end?  Outside the corn maze is a hay maze!  (10/21/15)

Not sleeping.  (10/22/15)

Back to Thistledown Farms...  (10/23/15)

...to visit the pony again.  (10/23/15)

Auntie M. and Uncle Devin came over to carve pumpkins. (10/25/15)

Wesley loved the knives.  (10/25/15)

After she accepted that her pumpkin didn't have to be perfect, Elaine carved a lovely cat face.  (10/25/15)

Wesley admires the puppy face that I carved to his specifications.  (10/25/15)

Halloween fortress.  (10/25/15)

Glamourous Quinn.  (10/25/15)

Getting in the mood for Halloween by watching Coraline.  (10/30/15)

The black cat and Coraline.  (10/31/15)

All ready to go trick-or-treating, despite the pouring rain.  (10/31/15)

Elaine was kind and asked for extra candy to bring back for her baby brother...  (10/31/15)

...who was a very tired, wet, little cat.  (10/31/15)

A good night for raincoats and umbrellas.  (10/31/15)

Her dad points out, "You'll be an adult by the time you can finish all that."  (10/31/15)

"That's a yummies!" and "Aaaaaah!"  (10/31/15)

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