November, '15

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Wesley has more fun at the playground when his big sister is there.  (11/6/15)

Crisp, cold, sunny fall days.  (11/6/15)

Wesley calls this structure "Elaine's house."  (11/10/15)

Wesley invites his sister to "Dance!" on the walk home from school.  Perhaps, it was more of an order than an invitation.  (11/10/15)

Elaine brings home the class pet, Humphrey, for the weekend.  (11/13/15)

Humphrey rides a train.  (11/15/15)

Humphrey helps celebrate Grandma Janet's birthday.  (11/15/15)

Robot.  Love.  (11/19/15)

Brownie batter!  (11/19/15)

This slide is Wesley's platonic ideal of a slide.  (11/20/15)

He insists on stopping by it after we pick Elaine up from school nearly every day.  (11/20/15)

Two little climbers.  (11/20/15)

The Happiness Fairy is a toddler with a green plastic shovel.  He hits people on the head with his shovel and insists, "Happy!  Happy!  Happy!"  (11/21/15)

The children love s'mores.  (11/21/15)

Indoor slide!!!  (11/23/15)

Wesley is excited to be signed up for preschool.  (11/24/15)

Tiny slide and giant bear.  (11/24/15)

Making crescent rolls with Grandma.  (11/25/15)

All the food was perfect.  (11/26/15)

Double olive-hand.  (11/26/15)

Pie with lots of whipping cream.  (11/26/15)

Wesley refused "pie," so this is "pumpkin pie cake."  (11/26/15)

The Festival of Trees.  (11/27/15)

Wesley wanted to "go in!" all the houses in Gingerbread Village.  (11/27/15)

Elaine and Wesley wrote letters to Santa before visiting with him.  (11/27/15)

Warming her hands.  (11/27/15)

Snuggling by the fireside.  (11/27/15)

Quinn helps sort the branches for assembling the tree.  (11/28/15)

Wesley is fascinated that these objects have been assigned alphabetical values.  (11/28/15)

Wesley loves the Christmas tree.  It's like a buffet of toys.  (11/28/15)

Elaine puts up ornaments while Wesley takes them down.  (11/28/15)

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