December, '15
(Part 2)

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Elaine is delighted by the contents of her stocking.  Wesley gets right down to the important business of eating chocolate.  (12/25/15)

Oh, come ye all on Christmas morn', and hear the soft sweet whispers of the Christmas orange.  (12/25/15)

Box games.  (12/25/15)

Ha ha!  (12/25/15)

Delight and happiness.  (12/25/15)

A whole new world on the floor.  (12/25/15)

Uncle Devin and Auntie M. try to figure out the complex contraption we gave them for Christmas -- the best present of the day by far, if you ask Wesley.  (12/25/15)

"Yellow one flies!"  The adults are concerned by how the helicopter ricochets off of the walls and ceiling, but Wesley is thrilled.  (12/25/15)

Elaine builds a fort to protect herself during this indoor snowball fight.  (12/28/15)

Another evening of Christmas festivities!  (12/28/15)

The kids and their cousins went to Build-a-Bear to redeem their Christmas gift cards.  After much deliberation, Wesley picked out a lion with a brushable mane, dragon costume, and backpack to hold its brush and outfit.  After much less deliberation, Elaine picked out a Golden Retriever with sparkly red bows.  (12/29/15)

A flower garden.  (12/29/15)

The flower garden was converted into a table and chairs for the lion and green tiger.  They are eating cake.  Eventually, their tea party was disrupted by a dragon flying by.  (12/29/15)

Mama's little giraffe.  (12/29/15)

Portal Park with Oma Suzy.  (12/30/15)

Oma helped Wesley with his climbing, but then she turned into a scary leaf witch monster that chased Elaine around the play structures.  Her only weakness was leaves, so Elaine had to throw dried leaves at her.  (12/30/15)

Visiting the frogs at Christmas in the Park.  Elaine pointed out that an important frog was missing -- Kermit.  (12/30/15)

Elaine and I explained bowling to Wesley.  (12/31/15)

He caught on quickly and loved it:  you pick up a heavy ball and throw it.  (12/31/15)

He didn't care at all about the pins.  All he cared about was throwing the heavy ball, so every turn was a big win.  (12/31/15)

Balloon poodles.  (12/31/15)

It didn't take long for Wesley to decide to convert his poodles into swords.  (12/31/15)

The force is strong with this one.  (12/31/15)

It's a trap!  (12/31/15)

The Jedi Council convenes to make plans for the new year.  (12/31/15)

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