December, '15

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Time to go to the meadow and play.  (12/3/15)

Stick-ball.  (12/3/15)

Beat drum!!!  (12/3/15)

Wesley explains that the rock is the dinosaur's eye.  (12/3/15)

Well, this has been fun, but we should really go home and watch Toy Story.  (12/3/15)

Giant sloth.  (12/4/15)

Studying fossils at the UO natural history museum.  (12/6/15)

Little scientist.  (12/4/15)

Santa makes a surprise visit to the CIS department Christmas party.  (11/13/15)

The Upstart Crow production of Annie.  (12/12/15)

Elaine plays the orphan Melody.  (12/12/15)

It's a hard knock life for us!  (12/12/15)

The sun will come up tomorrow.  (12/12/15)

Wrapping catnip mice for Kelly to open first thing on Christmas morning.  (12/22/15)

Rolling and patting...  (12/23/15)

...and frosting and sprinkling...  (12/23/15)

...and eating frosting off the knife, because Mom's busy taking a picture with the camera.  (12/23/15)

A Christmas Eve walk.  (12/24/15)

Well... it's kind of cold and rainy...  I don't know, but maybe we should go home?  (12/24/15)

Tickle attack.  (12/24/15)

Puzzling over the anagram clues that Auntie M. put on the Christmas eve presents.  (12/24/15)

Giant straws for "the big drinker" and a loop scarf for "the fashionable one."  (12/24/15)

A wide variety of cookies for Santa.  (12/24/15)

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