February, '16

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Doilies, stickers, colored paper, and chocolate.  (2/4/16)

The best part --  scissors.  (2/4/16)

The light table.  (2/5/16)

As high as she feels safe.  (2/5/16)

Smelling the first daffodil of the year.  (2/5/16)

Third grade Valentine's party.  (2/12/16)

Elaine made a surprise breakfast for Valentine's Day -- she'd been planning it for months.  (2/14/16)

The Valentine's pirate and his chocolate-strawberry treasure.  (2/14/16)

Going for a "drive" around the mall after watching Kung Fu Panda 3.  (2/14/16)

Pleading eyes.  (2/14/16)

The park was very muddy.  (2/14/16)

Wesley loved it.  (2/14/16)

Elaine's 3rd grade VIP day.  (2/19/16)

Quinn is just the right size for a hug.  (2/24/16)

Feeding our new fish.  (2/25/16)

René is a shimmery white half moon betta.  (2/25/16)

Yellow stars fill the grass; golden trumpets herald the coming of spring.  (2/28/16)

The bears want to go on a train ride... but they keep falling off.  (2/29/16)

So they built seats for the train.  (2/29/16)

And off the bears go!  (2/29/16)

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