March, '16

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Wesley's first preschool party.  (3/9/16)

They made crowns ahead of time; the tissue paper flowers were an activity at the party.  (3/9/16)

Each child colored in a cloth square for the class flag.  (3/9/16)

Wesley drew a shark!  (3/9/16)

Building a beautiful castle.  (3/9/16)

Sorely tempted to kick down a beautiful castle... but resisting!  (3/9/16)

This tower is almost as tall as he is.  So he celebrates by jumping a lot.  (3/9/16)

Photographing his beautiful tower with a "camera."  (3/9/16)

Daddy left presents for each of us while he was away.  (3/10/16)

A boy and his very tolerant dog.  (3/12/16)

I asked them if they could make a castle that used ALL of the magna-tiles.  (3/12/16)

Daddy tickles.  (3/13/16)

Elaine lures Wesley away from preschool.  (3/14/16)

When asked what kind of pie we should have first, Wesley thought carefully and then declared, "Puppies!"  Instead, we had cherry.  (3/14/16)

Wesley helps his parents toast good news about both of their careers.  (3/15/16)

Stealing the show during the Shrek Entre'Actes.  (3/19/16)

Wesley's first Uno game.  (3/21/16)

He knew his colors and could match the pictures of the numbers, but it turned out that the only real strategy he needed was:  play the card that makes his sister shriek in outrage.  He won.  (3/21/16)

Chasing Oma.  (3/24/16)

The lovely little marsh fairy instructs me on the proper spelling of "whisshp" (pronounced 'wisp') while collecting more blooms to add to her wand.  (3/24/16)

Working together to dye the eggs.  (3/26/16)

While Elaine focused on the dying, Wesley helped by singing about eggs.  (3/26/16)

Wesley was very concerned with the status of his yellow egg.  (3/26/16)

A reluctant Easter bunny.  (3/26/16)

But such a handsome one.  (3/26/16)

Perhaps the most adorable Easter bunny.  (3/26/16)

Elaine tells Wesley about all the treasures in her basket, since she's been up for hours, and he's only just arrived.  (3/27/16)

A little bird came and knocked on our window, tap, tap, tap.  (3/27/16)

Hunting for eggs together.  (3/27/16)

Hunting for eggs apart.  (3/27/16)

Carefully negotiating trades even though all the eggs turn out to have popcorn inside.  (3/27/16)

We went on a very strange walk -- hail fell on us from a sunny blue sky.  (3/27/16)

Wesley counts the eyes and noses of the strange creatures that hatched from the eggs Oma Suzy brought.  (3/31/16)

He says the chick loves him.  (3/31/16)

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