April, '16

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A daisy chain crown for Judy the Teddy bear.  (4/1/16)

"Tato has his purse!"  (4/3/16)

A strange tableau.  (4/3/16)

After reading Grimmtastic Girls: Red Riding Hood Gets Lost, Elaine was inspired to dig out her old hood and basket.  (4/3/16)

The Mad Cake Hatter.  (4/3/16)

Playing ponies and eating bagels on a Sunday morning.  (4/9/16)

After explaining to Wesley that blossoms on apple trees eventually turn into apples, he was deeply disappointed that his forget-me-not wouldn't turn into a convenient snack for him.  (4/15/16)

Stopping to strike a few poses on our walk.  (4/18/16)

"Perfect!"  (4/18/16)

Usually he prefers to bludgeon people with dandelions, but this time, Wesley makes a wish in the traditional way.  (4/18/16)

"Shoot Quinn!"  (4/20/16)

Dripping with flowers.  (4/21/16)

Running along the new retaining wall in our front yard.  (4/22/16)

Time to plant roses.  (4/23/16)

Everyone wants to dig.  (4/23/16)

The ponies visit Piano Land, and Baby Cotton plays "Yankee Doodle."  (4/23/16)

Proud father of a baby Totoro.  (4/24/16)

Wesley usually refuses to give Elaine a goodnight hug, but she'd been so busy with rehearsals for Willy Wonka that he was missing her.  (4/26/16)

Goodnight giggles.  (4/26/16)

There's rarely anything in Wesley's art folder at preschool -- he's too busy with other activities for art, apparently.  However, these are clearly masterpieces.  (4/27/16)

Every morning, Wesley can't wait to see the roses.  (4/27/16)

Celebrating a smashingly successful opening night of the Rose Children's Theater production of Willy Wonka.  Elaine stayed in character as a squirrel -- squeaking and chirrping -- most of the way to Prince Puckler's.  (4/29/16)

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