May, '16

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Smelling the first full yellow rose bloom in our new garden.  (5/3/16)

Fending off one of the fiercer creatures.  (5/3/16)

Being one of the fiercer creatures.  (5/3/16)

Piggy back ride.  (5/4/16)

Proudly showing off his art.  (5/11/16)

How many finger puppets do you have?  (5/11/16)

Three, Sir.  Three.  (5/11/16)

Toothbrush and tie.  (5/11/16)

Dressed to the nines for bedtime.  (5/11/16)

Talking to Daddy in Spain.  (5/12/16)

Indoor snowman.  (5/21/16)

Walking along the rose garden wall.  (5/22/16)

Every day, checking on the roses.  (5/23/16)

Elaine teaches her class about Helen Keller -- how Anne Sullivan tried to teach her the word 'doll,' but first got through to her with the word 'water.'  (5/24/16)

It was a fabulous presentation -- complete with a graduation cap tossed into the air and a Braille copy of a book by Dr. Seuss.  (5/24/16)

Building a hyperdrive net.  (5/24/16)

Elaine invented a game -- she made the board and dice herself.  (5/26/16)

The Colorful Game of Catland.  (5/26/16)

"I'm a cowboy!"  (5/30/16)

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