June, '16

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Squeezing in a precious few extra seconds of play at the end of the day of preschool.  (6/3/16)

The cowboy and his horsie.  (6/5/16)

Preschool puppies playing tug-o-war.  (6/8/16)

Preschool puppies tumbling all over.  (6/8/16)

The preschool fairy waves goodbye to spring term before being captured and tickled by Teacher Amy.  (6/8/16)

Wesley and Melody.  (6/8/16)

The starting line for the bouncy castle race.  (6/9/16)

Elaine wins!  Was there any doubt?  (6/9/16)

Wesley finishes!  There was definitely some doubt -- especially when he got stuck in the middle of the bouncy castle and needed two adults to rescue him.  (6/9/16)

Decorated to his specifications -- with Ms, bears, marshmallows, and sprinkles.  Now he just has to wait until the morning to eat it...  (6/9/16)

Elaine made a book for Wesley's birthday using pictures of them playing cowboy.  It's called Cowboy Wesley, and it's about a horse leading her cowboy to his own birthday party.  (6/10/16)

More hats than he can wear.  (6/10/16)

The dragon's name is Dinosaur, and he's Wesley's friend.  Although, he spends a lot of time inspiring giggles by trying to bite Wesley.  (6/10/16)

Cake for breakfast.  (6/10/16)

For his birthday, Wesley wanted a day of non-stop adventures -- we planned to go to the zoo, but instead we ended up at the Enchanted Forest, Amazon Park, and finally a thrift store where he found roller skates for $4.*  (6/10/16)

*After being offered a long list of possibilities to pick from for the third activity, he said to me, "I can't do it -- you do it."  So, we took him to a thrift store, because he had a blast finding himself hats at a thrift store on his last birthday.
Enjoying a snack at the fountain show in the Enchanted Forest.  (6/10/16)

Riding the dinosaur at Amazon Park.  (6/10/16)

Rawr!!!  (6/12/16)

Building robots.  (6/13/16)

Breaking out the water table.  (6/16/16)

Scooping and pouring.  (6/16/16)

An adept climber.  (6/16/16)

Discussing numbers.  (6/16/16)

Hanging out on the hyperdrive net.  (6/16/16)

Precariously balanced; perfectly safe.  (6/16/16)

Come with me, if you want to live.  (6/19/16)

A friendly game of Father's Day dodgeball on the Vorticon ship.  (6/19/16)

Hoarding the balls.  (6/19/16)

Elaine's salon offers exciting new hairstyles involving beads and bows.  (6/20/16)

This unicorn is part of an ongoing art project -- it's a hybrid constructed from the limbs of a pink teddy bear, the tail of a tweety bird, and the body and head of a unicorn.  Elaine selected the parts from a very creepy bag of dismembered plushy parts that she'd been squeamish about all week.  Somehow, the project made more sense to her once she received her very own unicorn hybrid.  (6/20/16)

Researching the California Condor.  (6/21/16)

Presenting his findings:  "This is a bird-mingo.  Actually, this is a bird-mingo."  (6/21/16)

Bonteboks and crocodiles.  (6/21/16)

"He's mad at me!"  (6/21/16)

Chasing the otter.  (6/21/16)

Wesley was too tired to be in any more pictures.  (6/21/16)

Wesley loved Eustace from the moment he saw him.  (6/22/16)

A mellow outing to the dog park.  (6/24/16)

We got 1500 new pets today.  (6/27/16)

Elaine is a willing host, but Wesley shrieks at the ladybugs.  (6/27/16)

Tiny creepy crawly.  (6/27/16)

Sir Serious Chicken.  (6/29/16)

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