July, '16
Part 2

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Two goats and two kids.  (7/21/16)

Screeching at the chickens and bunnies.  (7/21/16)

Wesley was very excited to meet this baby dragon after watching him hatch.  He wanted to stay and talk to the dragon more, but it was time for...  (7/21/16)

Rides!  (7/21/16)

Wesley was finally tall enough for the little kid rides, and Elaine was kind enough to accompany him.  (7/21/16)

But she also rode on the scrambler with me.  (7/21/16)

Upstart Crow's production of School of Rock.  (7/22/16)

Elaine is Madison the Roadie.  (7/22/16)

Carefully placing the sprinkles.  (7/26/16)

The most cheerful birthday cake ever.  (7/26/16)

Elaine started her ninth birthday with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes covered in strawberries.  She followed that with a trip to the wave pool.  (7/27/16)

Removing the ribbon from her presents, very carefully with scissors.  (7/27/16)

Nine candles is a lot to blow out with one breath.  Elaine was up to the challenge.  (7/27/16)

Determinedly searching for the M&Ms baked into the cake -- until we pointed out that they would have melted in the oven and wouldn't be crunchy any more.  (7/27/16)

Sparkler sundae at Izzy's.  (7/27/16)

Nine years old.  Oh yeah.  (7/27/16)

An extremely complicated game.  (7/27/16)

"I want money!"  After he won big, Wesley changed his tune.  "I want to pay a loan!"  (7/27/16)

We played until well after everyone's bed time but still didn't finish.  (7/27/16)

A wealth of blackberries.  (7/28/16)

The children find themselves in a veritable Garden of Eden.  (7/28/16)

Elaine meets a very smiley dog.  (7/28/16)

Offerings of squeaky toys for Annie.  (7/28/16)

Getting ready for the big party.  (7/30/16)

Twister to the dulcet tones of Hampster Dance.  (7/30/16)

Truth or Dare Balloons -- Elaine was dared to put her leg behind her head.  (7/30/16)

The pinata broke quite quickly.  Dividing the candy fairly took much longer.  (7/30/16)

The birthday cake was decorated with pale pink roses.  (7/30/16)

Elaine had to think about her wish before blowing the candles out.  (7/30/16)

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