July, '16
Part 1

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Elaine put on a magic show for Auntie M. and Uncle Devin.  (7/2/16)

It involved card tricks, coin tricks, and making the rabbit in her hat change sizes.  (7/2/16)

It was hard for Wesley that the candles were for his aunt and uncle instead of him.  (7/2/16)

Elaine's new room!  (7/2/16)

Like a princess, she lives in a tower.  (7/2/16)

Wesley inherited her old room, and it was filled with treasures.  (7/2/16)

So many exciting treasures!  (7/2/16)

Wesley's room is the place to be.  (7/2/16)

Admiring the green pinwheel I helped him make.  (7/4/16)

Much glitter.  (7/4/16)

Glitter-spangled.  (7/4/16)

A giant tortoise and a spider-man.  (7/4/16)

They gave us these glasses for watching the fireworks.  We're not sure why anyone would actually wear them.  (7/4/16)

Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?  (7/4/16)

Watching the fireworks.  (7/4/16)

Elaine stole the show with her hammy performance as Rusty singing one third of the lead of "Fugue for Tinhorns" in the Rose Children's Theater performance of Guys & Dolls. (7/8/16)

A lovely day for climbing a mountain.  (7/9/16)

Enjoying the view.  (7/9/16)

Mountain top snacks.  (7/9/16)

On the way back down, Wesley pretended to be a wolf who ate "rocks and trees."  Elaine told knock-knock jokes with limited cooperation from her audience ("Knock-knock!" / "Who's there - it's Wesley!") and pretended to be a bun-kitty.  (7/9/16)

Each time we go to Prince Puckler's, Wesley picks a different kind of pink ice cream -- last time, peppermint; this time, strawberry. (7/14/16)

Wesley finished the M&Ms on his ice cream, but he may have found some more...  (7/14/16)

Gathering flowers while their parents gather Pokemon.  (7/15/16)

Her hair full of flowers, and her pockets full of apples.  (7/15/16)

More ladybugs!  (7/15/16)

Gotta catch 'em all.  (7/15/16)

Listening intently to "The Marvelous Toy" at the Eugene Public Library's Teddy Bear Picnic.  (7/16/16)

Hope dances along.  (7/16/16)

Pooh doesn't dance.  (7/16/16)

Pooh does like sesame candy and banana chips.  (7/16/16)

Wesley and Little Pooh find a Big Stick.  (7/16/16)

Sheer joy.  (7/16/16)

Birthday hats, balloons, and cupcakes.  (7/16/16)

Elaine organizes a friendly game of triangle ball.  (7/16/16)

Round and round the triangle.  (7/16/16)

"A lollipop!"  (7/16/16)

Elaine asks to trade her blue lollipop for Wesley's green one, but she doesn't get the words out of her mouth as fast as Wesley gets the green lollipop into his.  (7/16/16)

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