August, '16

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This is my place.  (8/2/16)

What are you doing here?  (8/2/16)

Carefully stringing beads.  (8/2/16)

The master chef wants you to try this cookie.  (8/2/16)

Wesley mashes all of his playdoh into one giant heart shaped cookie.  Elaine carefully manufactures red velvet cupcakes.  (8/2/16)

Thirteenth anniversary.  (8/2/16)

Backyard s'mores with cousins.  (8/4/16)

Wesley applies for a space on the step.  Elaine considers his application.  (8/5/16)

The Lowd cousins at the Cascade Raptor Center.  (8/5/16)

Screeching like a raptor.  (8/5/16)

Running around wildly at the Saturday Market.  (8/6/16)

Dinos and dragons.  (8/10/16)

Celebrating the premiere of her new movie at the Maude Kerns Art Center.  (8/12/16)

Happy kids get taken out for yogurt while their parents are away at a furry con in Denver.  (8/14/16)

Hilarious tea party.  (8/16/16)

Amy joins in.  (8/16/16)

The dogs crash the party completely.  (8/16/16)

A very fancy present.  (8/17/16)

Marimba band camp.  (8/19/16)

This cootie bug is not yellow, but it has roller skates.  (8/19/16)

A big hug for a little dog.  (8/21/16)

Wendy isn't sure that she's for hugging.  (8/21/16)

Wesley with his two friends:  Little Bird and Big Penguin.  (8/21/16)

Together breakfast.  (8/21/16)

Pokemon Pond.  (8/21/16)

Reading while walking.  (8/22/16)

Returning his borrowed book to the little free library.  (8/22/16)

Monkeys in their natuarl habitat.  (8/23/16)

They want to spin really fast.  (8/23/16)

Preparing for an epic battle.  (8/24/16)

Testing each bowl to see how heavy they are.  They are all heavy.  (8/24/16)

Weapons of mass hydration.  (8/24/16)

Let the pummeling commence.  (8/24/16)

Collateral splashage.  (8/24/16)

When Elaine ran out of balloons, suddenly it was time to share.  (8/24/16)

Celebrating Grandma Pearl's 91st birthday.  (8/28/16)

Squeezing in a day at the beach right at the end of summer.  (8/29/16)

Collecting seashells.  (8/29/16)

Digging a moat around her sandcastle.  (8/29/16)

Chasing a seagull along the surf.  (8/29/16)

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