September, '16

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Wildlife Safari in Winston.  (9/1/16)

Some of the animals were quite aggressive about getting food.  This deer stole the entire cup. (9/1/16)

The emus, however, were downright terrifying, and we took to closing the windows whenever they came close.  (9/1/16)

Wesley especially loved the little monkeys.  (9/1/16)

My little monkey.  (9/1/16)

Some of this favorite toys.  (9/3/16)

Trading an M&M for a gummy bear.  (9/5/16)

Savoring his strawberry ice cream.  (9/5/16)

One of these children is done with ice cream and ready for a playground.  (9/5/16)

"Cheese!" on the cheese.  (9/5/16)

Climbers, both of them.  (9/5/16)

Ready for the first day of 4th grade.  (9/7/16)

Playing marimba at the Saturday Market.  (9/10/16)

Climbing this tree on the way home from the school has become something of a tradition.  (9/12/16)

Swinging the day away.  (9/15/16)

Pirate party musketeers -- one for arr! and arr for one!  (9/18/16)

Room in this tree for two.  (9/20/16)

Buzz and Woody ride on the merry-go-round.  (9/20/16)

He can climb frighteningly high.  (9/27/16)

And he's always climbing.  (9/29/16)

What better place to be on an early fall day than the playground?  (9/29/16)

Stolen hat.  (9/29/16)

Spinning together.  (9/29/16)

The 4th grade jog-a-thon.  (9/30/16)

Elaine ran twelve laps!  (9/30/16)

May many more dandelions be pelted at you.  (9/30/16)

Feeding apples to the horses after marimba practice. (9/30/16)

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