October, '16

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Time for the corn maze.  (10/6/16)

Elaine leads the way.  (10/6/16)

Wesley picks a direction.  (10/6/16)

Perhaps this scarecrow knows the way.  (10/6/16)

Time for hugging Wendy.  (10/7/16)

Wesley was invited to a birthday party for one of his little preschool friends.  He spent a lot of time sprawled on the floor, like an octopus with skates tied to its tentacles, but he loved it anyway.  And when asked whether he wanted chocolate or vanilla cake, he chose vanilla.  (10/8/16)

Playing solo soccer in very wet grass.  (10/10/16)

One of Wesley's favorite structures at any playground is the fire pole.  (10/10/16)

He will go down them over and over and over again.  (10/10/16)

Sometimes he's Commander Keen, and sometimes he's Kevin from Ghostbusters.  (10/10/16)

While reading Sesame St. books at the Metropol bakery, Wesley finds a page with many letters.  (10/11/16)

Searching for the letters in his name.  He needed some help.  (10/11/16)

An innovative solution to rainy days.  (10/11/16)

Wesley believes that he has spelled his name.  It starts in the middle.  At the '1'.  (10/22/16)

After testing out a large pumpkin, Wesley finally settled on one of the smallest.  (10/23/16)

Then the kids proceeded to fill the cart with pumpkins until there were far too many.  (10/23/16)

Historic moment:  Elaine drops off her grandmother and great grandmother's ballots.  (10/23/16)

The lantern casts exciting shadows.  (10/23/16)

One of the shadows looks like a bear.  (10/23/16)

Bear hunting.  (10/23/16)

The Coyote Kids' Spooky Spaghetti Feed costume contest.   (10/28/16)

The Ghostbusters spot a ghost.  (10/28/16)

Pursuing the slimer through the crowd.  (10/28/16)

Captured!  (10/28/16)

Ghostbustin' our way through a corn maze.  (10/30/16)

We started out following the clues.  By the end, we were going in circles.  (10/30/16)

Wesley menaces me with a bone knife while I clean the pumpkin.  (10/30/16)

Arduous work.  (10/30/16)

Wesley feels strongly that pumpkin faces should be composed entirely from squares.  (10/30/16)

One pumpkin designed by each of us.  Three carved by me...  and three left to carve.  (10/30/16)

Treasuring their beloved pumpkins.  (10/30/16)

Halloween on a Monday.  (10/31/16)

Crafts at the Hult Center.  (10/31/16)

Spiders have many eyes.  (10/31/16)

There's no place like home.  (10/31/16)

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