November, '16

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This is the Ghostbusters' house.  (11/1/16)

The clouds are ghosts.  Wesley is busting them.  (11/1/16)

Elaine might be a ghost too.  (11/1/16)

Me and my little Spider-Man.  (11/7/16)

A rare moment.  (11/7/16)

A hopeful moment.  (11/8/16)

Drawing strength from the flames.  (11/9/16)

Leaning on the wall.  (11/9/16)

My little Spider-Man protests.  (11/10/16)

A small symbolic gesture.  (11/11/16)

"I'm Santa.  These are presents."  (11/11/16)

Elaine has become a skilled Christmas tree assembler.  (11/20/16)

Wesley mostly put ornaments on the very bottom branches.  (11/20/16)

Taking great care.  (11/20/16)

No room for presents here.  (11/20/16)

Someone wanted to be carried.  (11/21/16)

Elaine tried to make pancakes all by herself.  She didn't exactly succeed.  But she did make the world's first ever batch of globcakes, and she said they were very tasty.  (11/24/16)

Assembling Grandma's tree while waiting for turkey.  (11/24/16)

Turkey!  (11/24/16)

Woah!  A real one!  (11/24/16)

Decorating Grandma's tree.  (11/24/16)

We almost forgot to do the traditional olive hands this year.  (11/24/16)

Wishing Grandma Janet a belated birthday over a glowing pumpkin pie.  (11/24/16)

Wesley checks the list to make sure he has ALL the candy.  (11/26/16)

The Festival of Trees after a full day of Christmas fun.  (11/26/16)

Snowman hug.  (11/26/16)

From each according to their climbing ability, to each according to their safe height in the tree.  (11/28/16)

Wesley wishes to go back to the meadow.  Elaine likes sitting in the top of this apple tree.  (11/29/16)

Tiny glowing orb in his hands.  (11/29/16)

Fly away into the golden sunset, little super hero!  (11/29/16)

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