December, '16
Part 2

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One classic gingerbread man.  One avant-garde gingerbread man.  (12/23/16)

Proudly displaying their gingerbread artwork.  (12/23/16)

Now for the serious work:  picking which ones to eat.  (12/23/16)

Caroling along with guitar, mandolin, flute, two ukuleles, and a glockenspiel.  (12/24/16)

Snacking, coloring, and chatting.  (12/24/16)

The big kids toast marshmallows.  (12/24/16)

The little kids burn marshmallows.  (12/24/16)

Something about sugar plums.  (12/24/16)

Elaine prepares an envelope for her tooth, and the kids set out cookies and milk on the mantle.  Both Santa and the tooth fairy visited our house this Christmas Eve!  (12/24/16)

Elaine woke Wesley up at the crack of 7am to discover that Santa had brought everything she'd asked for -- pens, three tiny teddy bears, a chocolate-covered marshmallow pop, and new Mad Libs.  Wesley is delighted by the kaleidoscope.  (12/25/16)

Elaine began filling out the Christmas carol Mad Libs right away and sang them throughout the rest of the day.  (12/25/16)

The children were greeted at Grandma Janet's with Unicorn Hot Chocolate -- hot chocolate with pink whipped cream, pastel mini marshmallows, and sprinkles.  (12/25/16)

Elaine watches her dad open the set of juggling chickens that she picked out for him.  (12/25/16)

Unwrapping.  (12/25/16)

Sheer delight at the cute calendar pictures.  (12/25/16)

Wesley searched through the presents and announced every time he checked a label, "It's for me!"  Eventually, he did find some for him.  (12/25/16)

Once she'd opened a few books, Elaine spent most of the rest of the day reading.  (12/25/16)

Mousetrap is a complicated game.  (12/25/16)

Everyone wins when the mouse gets trapped!  Right?  (12/25/16)

Time to eat the gingerbread houses.  (12/26/16)

A pack of fierce dinosaurs and a fifty-foot-tall Woody attacked the village and left it in complete RUINS.  (12/26/16)

Elaine christens our new stove with a ceremonial batch of pancakes.  (12/28/16)

She's gotten quite good at making pancakes, especially ones with chocolate chips in them.  (12/28/16)

A collaborative journalistic effort.  (12/29/16)

"Ein Prosit!"  (12/30/16)

A cold but sparkly evening at Zoo Lights... with an otter!  (12/30/16)

Toasting the end of the year with toasted marshmallows.  (12/31/16)

"Auld lang s'more!"  (12/31/16)

One final s'more after midnight.  (12/31/16)

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