December, '16
Part 1

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Fancy nails.  (12/1/16)

Peter-Man and Sir Serious Chicken.  Except, sometimes Wesley is a kitty.  (12/3/16)

Sir Serious Chicken isn't sure that she has wings.  (12/3/16)

Construction of the gingerbread village begins.  (12/4/16)

Elaine's work is precise and focused.  (12/4/16)

Wesley's work is distracted by all the candy.  (12/4/16)

He needed some help finishing his house up.  (12/4/16)

The completed village and its architects.  (12/4/16)

Too busy to come home from preschool.  (12/5/16)

A beautiful tangram rabbit.  (12/5/16)

The premier of Upstart Crow's The Happy Elf.  (12/9/16)

In addition to playing a toy elf in Santa's Workshop, Elaine is also a citizen of Bluesville, hard at work in the What Factory.  (12/9/16)

The marimba band performs at the Holiday Market.  (12/10/16)

On a walk through downtown, Wesley discovers a tiny village.  (12/11/16)

While out Christmas shoppping, we ran into Santa.  Wesley didn't know what he wanted for Christmas, but Santa asked if he liked racecars; Wesley agreed that he did.  (12/11/16)

After a full weekend of performances, we rushed Elaine straight from The Happy Elf to her Harmony Roadhouse recital.  She opened the recital by playing "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" on the piano; then she sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland" accompanied by Ursula.  (12/11/16)

Wesley insists that his name starts with an I.  (12/18/16)

While our house was without power and a working stove, we escaped to Grandma Janet's house, where we made gingerbread cookies.  (12/18/16)

Wesley celebrates a cookie well made.  (12/18/16)

Sticky, sticky cookie dough.  (12/18/16)

Elaine prayed for snow, and her daddy answered her prayers.  (12/22/16)

As soon as we got to Salt Creek Sno-Park, Wesley started pelting me with snowballs.  (12/22/16)

The snow is more than knee deep.  (12/22/16)

Elaine finds a tree buried under the snow.  (12/22/16)

Exploring among the trees.  (12/22/16)

If the snow won't come to us, we'll come to the snow.  (12/22/16)

Time for sledding!  (12/22/16)

"Yukon Ho!"  (12/22/16)

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