February, '17
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Snacking on a castle.  (2/2/17)

Puddles so deep...  (2/3/17)

...they're like portals to another world.  (2/3/17)

Valentine crafting chaos.  (2/11/17)

From out of the chaos, Elaine managed to craft enough Valentines to give one to every kid in her class.  Wesley crafted an effective hiding place.  (2/11/17)

Another day, another rally.  (2/12/17)

Valentine's Day superhero!  (2/14/17)

Secretly making red velvet cupcakes.  (2/14/17)

After baking cupcakes, Elaine made breakfast for dinner.  She was working in the kitchen for hours.  (2/14/17)

Drinking passion fruit tea from a very tiny cup at a fairy tea party.  (2/19/17)

Pouring some tea for a friendly cat who stopped by.  (2/19/17)

Singing Disney songs from the top of a giant rock.  (2/25/17)

Watching for the geese.  (2/25/17)

Sticks and walls.  (2/25/17)

A very serious project.  (2/25/17)

Discovering all the neat statues.  (2/25/17)

Daisy hypnotism.  (2/25/17)

You are getting very sleepy...  (2/25/17)

The final daisies...  (2/25/17)

Perfect.  (2/25/17)

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