May, '17

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Newly tenured Professor Lowd and his very happy, very proud family.  (5/1/17)

Duck kids!!!  (5/1/17)

Dinner at Ta Ra Rin to celebrate!  (5/1/17)

Chocolate-covered marshmallow pops from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, because we've been waiting a long time to eat our marshmallows.  (5/1/17)

Ducks, cake, family, happiness.  (5/1/17)

The baker cuts into her cake; the little brother shows how large of a piece he'd like.  (5/1/17)

Elaine's depiction of how it feels for her daddy to have tenure.  (5/3/17)

Another celebratory dinner -- this one on a train!  (5/5/17)

Would you, could you, eat s'more cake on a train?  (5/5/17)

Scoping out playgrounds for Wesley's birthday party -- this one has a lot of web-like structures.  (5/5/17)

Playground status:  approved.  (5/5/17)

Goose step.  (5/6/17)

Otter-Man is a demi-god who shoots ice webs.  (5/6/17)

Sometimes he's Otter-Man.  Sometimes he's Spider-Man or Star Lord or Captain America or the Flash.  But he's always saving the world.  (5/6/17)

Warming up for the Girls On The Run Practice 5K.  (5/11/17)

Hug the wall.  (5/11/17)

Girl on the run.  (5/11/17)

A teaser performance of Seussology at Barnes & Noble.  (5/13/17)

Elaine had some substantial roles -- Sam-I-Am and Horton!  (5/13/17)

And she never went out of character for even a second.  She was acting up a storm.  (5/13/17)

Self explanatory.  (5/13/17)

A lovely bouquet for Mother's Day from the best daughter a mother could hope for.  (5/14/17)

Sharing a quiet moment with rhino-monkey.  (5/15/17)

Saving the world.  (5/15/17)

Tenure cake at the UO CIS department!  (5/17/17)

Elaine picks out the best piece and presents it to her daddy.  (5/17/17)

Working out a terribly important equation in Daddy's office.  (5/17/17)

Ah, clearly, the answer is BOTH cupcake AND ice cream.  (5/17/17)

Cool guy on a rock.  (5/20/17)

Mysterious magicorn by the riverside.  (5/20/17)

A quick game of soccer at the CIS department potluck.  (5/20/17)

Giving a speech about her awesome dad and how great it is to keep living in Oregon.  (5/21/17)

Cutting into the third and largest tenure cake so far.  (5/21/17)

Twirling with crepe paper.  (5/21/17)

Piles of duckies and many balloons.  (5/21/17)

Time for the rest of our lives to begin.  (5/21/17)

Having a blast with Grandma while the parents are away at Furlandia.  (5/27/17)

Mama brought back ears from Furlandia.  (5/28/17)

A quiet afternoon of reading.  (5/29/17)

All three of us, reading our books on my bed.  (5/29/17)

Giraffe time.  (5/29/17)

A hundred-some baby geese in a field of mint.  (5/31/17)

First he chased the geese with a big stick.  Then he found some goose feathers and chased down every bird he could find -- geese, ducks, and pigeons -- to see if they wanted them back.  (5/31/17)

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