June, '17

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Everybody want to be a cat.  (6/2/17)

Oppressed by a power-hungry turtle.  (6/2/17)

Horton hears and saves a Who.  (6/2/17)

The Adams Girls on the Run team.  (6/3/17)

Overflowing with spirit.  (6/3/17)

5K buddies.  (6/3/17)

5K friends.  (6/3/17)

Sprinting for the finish line.  (6/3/17)

To the sound of hail falling outside, Wesley opens his birthday presents.  (6/10/17)

There's nothing like opening birthday presents to brighten a day.  (6/10/17)

The presents were heavy on superhero gear.  (6/10/17)

Uh oh, our table better beware.  (6/10/17)

Pointing out the W, because that's the piece he wants to eat.  (6/10/17)

He picked strawberry-banana cake and wanted black frosting -- it turned out dark gray.  (6/10/17)

Getting some help across the obstacle course.  (6/10/17)

Getting worn out by all the bouncing, flopping, climbing, and swinging.  (6/10/17)

Measuring the pretzels to make sure they're the right size for his party tomorrow.  (6/10/17)

Star-Lord versus Captain America.  (6/10/17)

Birthday party in Meadow Park.  (6/11/17)

The superhero must free the captured chocolate.  (6/11/17)

All the superheroes come together to devour a cake.  (6/11/17)

When they needed someone to push, Captain America stepped up.  (6/11/17)

Superheroes are very well-mannered as they open presents and always say 'thank you.'  (6/11/17)

A dynamic game of golf.  (6/11/17)

Bubble chaos at the preschool picnic.  (6/13/17)

The best snack was the watermelon.  (6/13/17)

A variant on dodge ball where everyone runs around with a ball, occasionally throwing it, no rules.  (6/13/17)

Games at the school carnival.  (6/15/17)

He was supposed to scoop up one duck.  He scooped up as many as fit in the scoop.  (6/15/17)

Epic five minute water fight.  (6/15/17)

Epic bubbles.  (6/15/17)

There's something on the roof!  (6/15/17)

Safely hidden.  (6/15/17)

"Tale as old as time..."  (6/17/17)

Daisy chaining in a graveyard.  (6/17/17)

Extreme tree climbing.  (6/22/17)

Borrowing a violin for a week -- her name is Charlie.  (6/26/17)

Thanksgiving in June.  (6/29/17)

To the tune of Happy Birthday:  "Happy Thanksgiving to you!"  (6/29/17)

Pie stabbing time.  (6/29/17)

Basic Strings at the Shedd.  (6/30/17)

These dinosaurs want you to know that Otters In Space 3: Octopus Ascending came out today.  (6/30/17)

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