July, '17

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A walk out by the Cascades Raptor Center.  (7/1/17)

Wesley found a big splintery stick.  (7/1/17)

Resting on a footbridge.  (7/1/17)

Wesley keeps asking to go to the "dinosaur park," so we showed him that it's still under construction.  (7/1/17)

When will it be ready?  Who knows -- it's already months late.  (7/1/17)

Marveling at the glorious haul of fireworks.  (7/1/17)

To celebrate the release of Otters In Space 3, we watched all of the Jurassic Park movies and played with a lot of dinosaurs.  (7/1/17)

Performing at Art & the Vineyard.  (7/2/17)

A robot his size.  (7/2/17)

Arguing about the size of Jupiter.  (7/2/17)

The glory of yellow watermelon.  (7/4/17)

Family barbecue.  (7/4/17)

Summer s'mores.  (7/4/17)

Quinn wants one.  (7/4/17)

Bits of fire in the night.  (7/4/17)

Testing out ideas for her upcoming birthday slumber party.  (7/5/17)

Conclusion:  it would be a little tight with an entire party in there.  (7/5/17)

We found a tiny snake on our walk.  (7/5/17)

We relocated it to the meadow.  (7/5/17)

A cat who stops to visit with us on most of our walks.  (7/7/17)

Playing Bears vs. Babies.  (7/9/17)

Picking out an early birthday present for herself.  (7/10/17)

Butterflies in her ears.  (7/10/17)

We ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches while listening to cheerful folk music at the Teddy Bear Picnic.  (7/15/17)

Meeting Winnie the Pooh.  (7/15/17)

Teddy bear crafts.  (7/15/17)

Inventing her own crafts.  (7/15/17)

With our teddy bears.  (7/15/17)  The most beautiful daisy in the world.

Pointing out the tiny dinosaur.  (7/21/17)

Staring deeply into the eyes of a sheep.  (7/21/17)

Petting baby pigs.  (7/21/17)

Petting a pretty pony.  (7/21/17)

Scarecrow and broccoli.  (7/21/17)

Hiding from and watching the flipping motorcycles.  (7/21/17)

Time for rides!  (7/21/17)

Waiting in line by the ferris wheel.  (7/21/17)

All together on a roller-coaster.  (7/21/17)

Last ride of the night -- the scrambler.  (7/21/17)

Enjoying the "traditional" individual pizzas.  (7/22/17)

Preparing to slay the demonic ghost dragon.  (7/22/17)

It was a tough beast that even continued to fight after beheading.  (7/22/17)

Yet, slowly, determinedly, they sundered it limb from limb.  (7/22/17)

She blew all the candles out in one breath but forgot to make a wish until afterward.  (7/22/17)

Cake and presents, most of which were crafts.  (7/22/17)

They played Mad Libs, decorated pillow cases, painted nails, watched Simon's Cat cartoons and baby videos of Elaine followed by High School Musical until the early hours of the morning.  Then after a wild pillow fight, they settled down to whispering in the dark  and finally slept for not quite six hours.  It was the most fun Elaine had ever had.  (7/22/17)

The little Spider-Merman has a sleepover of his own at Grandma's house where he was surrounded by Eeyores, ate many blueberries, and watched Spider-Man 2 twice.  (7/22/17)

After a morning of Grease rehearsal where the whole cast sang "Happy Birthday" to her, it's time to open presents.  (7/27/17)

Reading cat jokes from her new joke book by Frog.  (7/27/17)

"Don't let the candles burn my book!"  (7/27/17)

Ten years old.  Oh yeah.  (7/27/17)

An afternoon of swimming at Splash and an evening of the Mad Libs card game with an ice cream sundae at Red Robin right in between.  (7/27/17)

The Grease entre'actes performed three skits coupled with songs.  First, "My Boyfriend's Back."  (7/28/17)

"We Go Together"  (7/28/17)

"Beauty School Drop-Out"  (7/28/17)

Wesley found something on the dog bed, and brought it to me, fingers pinched together, saying, "I found an animal -- it's so tiny!"  I expected a horrifying spider or earwig.  Instead, I was handed an adorable green caterpillar, probably a cabbage white.  We named her Hermione and kept her carefully for several weeks.  She passed away during the total eclipse of the sun.  (7/29/17)

We got Elaine a larger bike, and she went from zero to riding in about half an hour.  (7/29/17)

After riding bikes in the sweltering heat, we went home to celebrate Christmas in July -- complete with Dollar Store presents, spiral-cut ham, butternut squash, scalloped potatoes, and several Doctor Who specials.  (7/29/17)

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