August, '17

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The Doctor in his TARDIS.  (8/4/17)

Picking cherry plums in the front yard.  (8/6/17)

Ripe and bounteous, bright red jewels.  (8/6/17)

What's this?  A fairy bell.  (8/6/17)

Showing off the set and puppets for her claymation film "Doughnuts on Bakers St."(8/11/17)

Birthday dinner at Red Robin with Aunt Molly and Uncle Devin.  (8/12/17)

Playing with the family who lives in the Victorian doll house.  (8/14/17)

Water colors on a sunny afternoon.  (8/14/17)

Politics keep happening even when we're tired.  Fortunately, we had a tiny Captain America with us to raise our spirits.  (8/14/17)

Tiny Captain America got really shy when he met a larger Captain America.  (8/14/17)

The legal observers sent a representative over to tell us that they'd decided Wesley had the best outfit.  He helped raise everyone's spirits.  (8/14/17)

We walked to the Washington Park spray play and brought along Wesley's best buddy Quinn.  (8/17/17)

But against all expectation, Quinn had no interest in playing in the water.  (8/17/17)

Mr. Buttery Pancakes with her fly-swatter and pajamas, singing "Just another day in the life, except there's a dragon trying to burn the place down."  (8/18/17)

Two very serious birds at the Cascades Raptor Center.  I can hardly tell them apart.  (8/18/17)

A crowded birthday celebration.  (8/18/17)

Picking one candle of each kind -- Wesley gets to pick his favorite letter.  (8/18/17)

Bonding over a love of trains.  (8/18/17)

Hiking at Mt. Pisgah with cousins.  (8/19/17)

Busy picking berries.  (8/19/17)

Busy splashing rocks.  (8/19/17)

Wild and crazy kids.  (8/19/17)

The Oregon Air & Space Museum creeped the kids out -- it seemed like a good location for an episode of Doctor Who.  (8/19/17)

Wesley liked the planes but not the mannequins; Elaine spent the entire time recounting episodes of Doctor Who.  (8/19/17)

We got up at crazy-dark-early and drove through dead streets, unexpectedly no traffic, to Corvallis.  (8/21/17)

We arrived far too early, so we went out for breakfast.  (8/21/17)

Eclipse glasses!  (8/21/17)

Staring at the sun.  (8/21/17)

Crafts to pass the time while celestial bodies align.  (8/21/17)

Cookies decorated to match the eclipse.  (8/21/17)

The air turned cold.  The sun stopped burning our skin.  Suddenly, it went dark.  During totality, Elaine turned a cartwheel.  We were all ecstatic at its beauty.  (8/21/17)

Still stunning, even after totality.  (8/21/17)

Annie kept very busy during the eclipse, convincing the little kids to chase her while she ran away very, very fast.  (8/21/17)

Visiting the tiny, sparkling fishies at Mama's favorite coffee shop, where she has written many stories.  (8/22/17)

Eclipse day ended with the news that I'd sold six stories -- I celebrated with six new Playmobil figures.  (8/22/17)

Playing with Mama's Playmobil.  (8/22/17)

Marimba at the Spencer Creek Grange on a Saturday morning.  (8/26/17)

During the marimba performance, SOMEONE kept peeking over my shoulder and then HIDING.  (8/26/17)

Splashing in the surf.  (8/27/17)

Tracks in the sand and running off through the dunes.  (8/27/17)

The beach is a happy place -- you can tell; it's smiling.  (8/27/17)

Burying herself in the sand to get warm.  (8/27/17)

Cold but beautiful.  (8/27/17)

We didn't quite stay for sunset.  (8/27/17)

Exterminate!  (8/30/17)

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