September, '17

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"I got more legs."  (9/1/17)

Summer ends in a smoky yellow haze.  (9/4/17)

Too cool for outings with her parents.  (9/4/17)

But that's okay, because she's got a audio recorder to memorialize her every thought.  (9/4/17)

Ready for the first day of 5th grade!  (9/6/17)

Reuniting with school friends.  (9/6/17)

Disappearing into the fray.  (9/6/17)

Growing up so fast.  (9/6-8/17)

While Wesley played on the playground, Elaine practiced riding her bike.  (9/10/17)

The Tiny Doctor helped us celebrate my third sale to Analog with lunch at Noisette.  (9/11/17)

Appreciating local culture on a walk through downtown.  (9/11/17)

Member of the Meow Meow Squad.  (9/13-14/17)  Artisan apple carver.

Nothing beats playing with Mama's toys.  (9/14/17)

Amazon Park re-opened after a year of renovations!  (9/17/17)

Busy fighting fires.  (9/17/17)

Teleporting down to a Vorticon world.  (9/17/17)

The fire-fighter's spinning house.  (9/17/17)

The fire-fighter takes me on a ride in his fire truck, and Commander Keen hitches a ride on the way to battle Vorticons for missing pieces of her spaceship.  (9/17/17)

Collecting webs.  (9/18/17)

Collecting lollipops.  (9/21/17)

Presenting her favorite book.  (9/21/17)

Baking cinnamon rolls at Grandma's house.  (9/24/17)

Protecting his baby from the paparazzi.  (9/24/17)

Twenty-five percent cooler.  (9/25/17)

Ready to jog.  (9/29/17)  Good luck hug from a tiny superhero.

Perfect cloudy weather for a jog-a-thon.  (9/29/17)

Jog, jog, jogging away.  (9/29/17)

The bedtime pirate with his treasure.  Arr!  (9/29/17)

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