December, '17
Part 2

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The present wrapping elf and the elf who puts the presents under the tree.  (12/23/17)

Cozy by the fire.  (12/23/17)

Putting the fire to its proper use.  (12/23/17)

Twinkly garden of fairy lights.  (12/23/17)

Pretending to lick the lollipop lights.  (12/23/17)

Dancing together as the theater is cleared after The Nutcracker.  (12/24/17)

Our super fancy Christmas Eve spread.  Hey, we had potato-zucchini latkes and cheddar-broccoli soup.  It was delicious, and apparently, we've set the bar so low in terms of setting the table that the kids were really impressed simply by the bowls being on top of the plates.  (12/24/17)

Christmas Eve antics with Raptor Kevin.  (12/24/17)

Tiny surprises, much delight.  (12/24/17)

We let them stay up until 10pm, and then they kept popping back downstairs until 1am anyway.  (12/24/17)

"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, Amy was yawning, and George was worried about whether Janet would remember to bring him home."  (12/24/17)

"I'm going to keep these marbles forever because they're mine."  (12/25/17)  "Is this Santa?!"

Choice quotes from Elaine, "I got the prancy horse!"; "Either they're marbles or tiny space moose in spherical ships"; "Krisp Kringles... classic, classic..."; "The average number of candies is... [arithmetic]... six candies per type of candy!"; and "I made a vow to try each kind of candy before breakfast."  (12/25/17)

Fezzes are cool.  (12/25/17)

Sonic screwdriver battle.  (12/25/17)

Back to the important business at hand.  (12/25/17)

Wesley carefully picked out presents for each of us from the things in his own room.  (12/25/17)

Can you see the skepticism and disbelief?  (12/25/17)

Too busy to even notice that his sister got a phone.  (12/25/17)

Discovering the delights of having her own phone, even if it only works with wifi.  (12/25/17)

A brisk walk in the rain.  (12/25/17)

Joy.  (12/25/17)

It was an epic Christmas.  (12/25/17)

Practice, practice.  No hands.  (12/27/17)

Some of us were sure on our feet.  Some of us were more wobbly.  (12/29/17)

There were reports of an unusual disturbance at a local park.  Turns out it was being haunted by a slimer.  (12/30/17)

Slimer busted.  (12/30/17)

There are two main components to a toast -- nice words and clinking glasses.  The children were unequally focused on these different aspects.  (12/31/17)

Happy New Year!  (12/31/17)

They're supposed to go to bed at midnight, aren't they?  (12/31/17)

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