December, '17
Part 1

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"On the first day of December, my advent calendar gave to me... one tiny spaceship..."  (12/1/17)

Books about robots and magic from Santa Joe.  (12/1/17)

Getting out of the house with Grandma's dogs.  (12/3/17)

Walking Fred and George.  (12/3/17)

Constructing a LEGO TARDIS.  (12/4/17)

"On the fifth day of December, my advent calendar gave to me... a tiny gingerbread house..."  (12/5/17)

The LEGO TARDIS visits the Playmobil doll house.  (12/6/17)

Getting her golden ticket punched.  (12/10/17)

"When Christmas comes to town..."  (12/10/17)

The Polar Express.  (12/10/17)

Meeting Santa Claus shortly before he gives the first gift of Christmas.  (12/10/17)

Right after The Polar Express, we rushed her to the Harmony Roadhouse recital where she played several pieces on piano and then sang "Popular" and "The Christmas Song."  (12/10/17)

Presenting her project on her interview of Grandma Janet.  (12/15/17)

Celebrating that ShadowSpinners Press accepted The Snake's Song as  Labyrinth of Souls novel.  (12/16/17)

Decorating Grandma's tree.  (12/18/17)

Decorating Grandma's dog.  (12/18/17)

Picking out ornaments and decorating herself.  (12/18/17)

Going for the full-on "just stepped out of a Rankin and Bass Christmas special" look.  (12/19/17)

Cookie extravaganza -- we baked three kinds, and I took homemade cookies to the Wordos holiday reading.  (12/19/17)

Such a happy craft.  (12/19/17)

The most exciting cookie cutters don't always make the sturdiest cookies.  (12/19/17)

Frosting cookie people is hard.  (12/19/17)

But so rewarding and fun.  (12/19/17)

Beautiful, colorful creations of sugar and butter.  (12/19/17)

Solstice snow.  (12/21/17)

Someone started snowballs nearly as soon as we got out of the car.  (12/21/17)

Totally covered in snow.  (12/21/17)

Sledder supreme.  (12/21/17)

Someone got cold and was ready to go home.  (12/21/17)

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